Demos Chrissos

President | Writer-Producer-Director


In 2004, Demos Chrissos launched RapidResponse Media, an issue advocacy media consulting company that has helped influence government leaders and move public opinion on a number of important national public policy issues. His work includes developing ad campaigns for issues involving national security, immigration, healthcare, climate change, and tax reform. His spots frequently attract earned media on top-rated news/opinion television shows and nationally-syndicated Talk Radio programs. He is a writer-producer-director, hands-on audio/video editor, and accomplished original music composer. His creative work spans over four decades and has consistently earned a number of highly-acclaimed national and international creative awards for public policy issue advocacy, music, and advertising.


For over 20 years, Mr. Chrissos sat in the jump seat beside some of the most successful political media strategists in the business as a Senior Writer/Producer in addition to composing original music for high-profile political candidates and multiple Presidential campaigns. His background includes ad agency experience as a senior writer/producer and creative director as well as designing, building, and managing a high-end full service recording studio that serviced a variety of corporate, national and international clients and political consultants.